It had been a hard day at work, laying carpet and vinyl floor covering, I now was heading back home and it was Wednesday in the late summer I knew that I would be preaching at our church in about two hours trying to get home in time to get ready for the services. I knew Jean would have the children ready so all I would need is to get alone with the Lord for a while. As I was driving down the back roads going home the thought enter into my mind  how close I was to Heaven. It was so real, just a heartbeat away from the place of bless, I got so excited about going to heaven I remember to this day how the Holy Spirit reminded me that someday soon ...... Just a heartbeat away, I will be in Heaven, I thought of my mother-in-law who was already there she had experienced the heart beat and made her way into Heaven some years ago. Heaven will be so wonderful, Paul said "eye hath not seen neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him"  I wish I could have loved Him more but I surely had a lot of faults and failures as I have been making my way to the ....."Last Heart Beat"




Elza Lamb - October 30th, 2009



Today is November 6th, 2009. We had a good day yesterday we meet with S.I.G.H (Seniors In Gods House) for a Thanks giving day dinner we had about 25 seniors and each told what we were thankful for. You know I have so much to be thankful, my Lord has been good to me over the years I have served Him. I am thankful for the salvation He provided when He went to Calvary to die in my place, the Bible says that ....."He took our sins out of the way and nailed them to His cross." again the good Book tells us that ...."He washed us from our sins in his own blood - Revelation 1:5 " Going to Heaven is free but it was not cheap it cost the Lord Jesus His life and shedding of His blood. Today I feel somewhat better I have been told that the chemo I was taking is not helping me, so I trust Jesus every day that He will take care of me through the rest of my life. If you think about it none of us have but today, we need to make the best of it as we pass through the day. Be thankful for your good wife, children, grandchildren and of course those great-great grandchildren. So I think what I am saying today is just be thankful and let God be God in your life.




Still serving Him - November 6,th 2009

Elza Lamb


Year 1959


I will never forget the smile, the way she talked, her beautiful red hair I knew when I saw her for the first time in the drug store downtown Indianapolis she would be the one for me. Today is October 31st 2009 it will be fifty years ago that Jean and I got married. I could not afford to buy her a ring; we borrowed money from her father to rent an apartment. In the years that followed, we had 4 wonderful children, 7 grandchildren and two great-grand children. It has been a wonderful life together; I would be less than honest to say it has been a perfect marriage. Nevertheless we have been able to serve the Lord Jesus for more than 46 years. I do not know what or where I would have been today if it had not been for my dear wife, she has been so faithful to the Lord. It was a good day when our paths crossed I just wish I could have been a better husband and father then I have been, we love our children so much. In our journey we have pastored churches in Indiana and Kentucky, in Indiana for 20 years and In Kentucky for 20 years our Lord has been so good to us. It is true if you serve Him, He will take care of you. Next week we will have our children down and we will renew our vowels in our church, when Jean and I got married we did not have a church wedding and we did not know it was Halloween  night to be sure it did not make a difference we loved each other and that is all that counts.




Still serving Him - October 31, 2009

Elza and Jean Lamb



Father time is telling me every day That the house I'm living is wearing away.  The building is old, and for the days that remain To seek to repair it would be quite in vain- So I'm getting ready to move.

In this house of mine I have seen many joys, Have watched from its windows the girls, and the boys Grow to womanhood and manhood so fine; To leave this old house will not make me repine- So I'm getting ready to move

But a wonderful King has sent me the news. That He's building a place from which I may choose, A house most beautiful that is not built with hands, It is far, far away on the bright golden strands- So  I'm getting ready to move.

Now the news has gone froth that quickly some day, As a flash in the sky of the lightning's ray, The King will return and take His subjects away And he bids me joyfully watch for the day- I'm bound to be ready to move.



















October 17, 2009

Just got word this week that the chemo that I am taking for my cancer treatment is not working. I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future and that is all that makes a difference. Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you"


Elza Lamb


October 19, 2009

Today I went to help a friend fix their computer, we talked and visited for a while after the visit and getting the computer fixed somewhat  my friend ask what I was going to do about my chemo treatments, I said the chemo is having no effect on me and I had called the cancer center and told them I was not going to take the pill they wanted me to take my friend began to cry and I felt a bit like what it must be to die.  Oh but heaven is just a heart beat away for all of us and Jesus will be waiting for us when we get their.


Elza Lamb






October 25th 2009


Today was Sunday and we went to church, what a blessed day it was. Steve Wiseman preached this morning with a very moving message and Dr. Charles Hauser preached tonight on "You cannot be a friend of this World".  You know I think after all these years on earth I know why were here it is simple, serve God our Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, soul and mind. I have not  had chemo now for about 4 weeks and I feel much better I will go again to see my cancer doctor on November 11th oh by the way that is my birthday so it might be he will have some good news for me, of course we know all TRUTH and GOOD NEWS came by JESUS CHRIST I am not sure about doctors anymore. Just want you all to know I love you .... but Heaven is going to be wonderful when we see Jesus.


Elza Lamb - Nahum 1:7