ELZA LAMB     .........................The Way I Remember It.




The picture of Jean and Elza Lamb, Jean 18 Years Old, Elza 21 Years Old at the right.     (Click On Picture To Enlarge) the pictures to the bottom left are of Elza Lamb Sr. When he pastored the West Side Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana back in the early 1970. He was about 32 to 33 years old.  The picture of Elza Lamb Sr. with the camera is at about age 42.  (Click On Picture To Enlarge)



This photo was taken when I Pastored the West Side Baptist Churh in Indianapolis, Indiana

     I'm Getting Ready To Move

Father time is telling me every day That the house I'm living is wearing away.  The building is old, and for the days that remain To seek to repair it would be quite in vain- So I'm getting ready to move.

In this house of mine I have seen many joys, Have watched from its windows the girls, and the boys Grow to womanhood and manhood so fine; To leave this old house will not make me repine- So I'm getting ready to move

But a wonderful King has sent me the news. That He's building a place from which I may choose, A house most beautiful that is not built with hands, It is far, far away on the bright golden strands- So  I'm getting ready to move.

Now the news has gone froth that quickly some day, As a flash in the sky of the lightning's ray, The King will return and take His subjects away And he bids me joyfully watch for the day- I'm bound to be ready to move.


The story of Clarence and Ada Lamb and their offspring are as far reaching as the mind could perceive. I would like to start at the beginning but I do not know much about the beginning of our brood. I hope that by the time I am finished with this web site you will be more informed about who the Lamb family was.

      We had a wonderful time when we were young, I will never forget the  time that I was in the United States Air Force. The U.S. Air Force did more to make me what I am today as a man then all the schools and colleges I have attended. I'll tell you more about it later. I am sure that all of our family members have a story to tell that will change and encourage each one that reads the things that one finds on the web site.

      It is my prayer as a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that this web site will be a blessing to those in generations to come. I have saved a Bible that  I have preach from over the years to be handed down to my 7 wonderful grandchildren.

      What a blessing it has been to be not just a father, but a grandfather also. We will go this week and have dinner with one of my granddaughters at her school it's "Grandparents Day" and Christa has ask grandpa and grandma Lamb to be her guest for dinner at her school.

     There have been so many dreams and hopes in our family over the years, when we were young we never though of old age but the years have a way of leaving youth behind and old age creeping up on us. Our motto for this web site is  "Half Way To Forever" we will spend our forever somewhere I trust since we only have one chance to get it right we will take the time and read the Bible to be sure we get it right, because we shall never pass this way again.


Pastor Elza Lamb

April 8, 2002